Reading Like a Writer – Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Intro)

I’ve been meaning to dissect a book for sometime on this blog. I feel that, as a writer, you can’t really get good at writing until you’ve broken down another work of fiction — to, in essence, start reading like a writer.

So let’s start out with Cinder by Marissa Meyer, the first book in a series that has downright fascinated me ever since I first discovered it. Cinder is Marissa Meyer’s debut young adult novel, which takes place in a futuristic society with kingdoms on the moon, biological warfare, and cyborgs. It’s also a fairy tale retelling — the first book being a retelling of the Cinderella story, just in China and with robots.

Cinder is not a flawless book, by any means. It’s also not an awful book. Many readers tend to take one extreme over the other — it’s either perfect or the worst. But this work is a fascinating blend of missed potential, mistakes, and cleverness that, for years later, I’ve been coming back to.

When reading like a writer, one notices a lot of cool ideas that Marissa Meyer maybe didn’t handle perfectly, and other things that work very well despite the other elements in the work. It all adds up to what I believe is a perfectly delightful first entry in a series that just improves as Meyer comes into her own as a writer.

So I’m gonna read this, chapter by chapter, and break down every chapter as a writer.

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