Playing Dungeons and Dragons Again After Reading Fantasy Nonstop for a Year

So recently I decided to try running a D&D campaign. I have been a nerd for some time, so obviously I’m into D&D as well. Even been reading some of the lore for some time now. I will say it again: RA Salvatore and Dragonlance both are guilty pleasures I am not guilty to admit […]

Sci-Fi Editorial – Why the Planetary Romance Died

About four or five months ago, I became interested in the planetary romance genre of sci-fi. Actually,this is a bit of a lie. It was actually Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter series I was interested in, primarily due to my stupid desire to understand the history of the genres I aspire to write in. For […]

Fantasy Editorial – Why I Read A Game of Thrones Twenty Years After it Started

If you ask anyone who reads fantasy what they felt is the best ongoing fantasy series, chances are they’ll say A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. Or whatever Brandon Sanderson is up to nowadays. Or…well, A Song of Ice and Fire will be a likely candidate, so it counts. Maybe it’s the […]