Rereading the Earthsea Series – Thoughts on Wizard of Earthsea

A few weeks back, I decided to revisit Ursula le Guin’s Earthsea series. The decision came after I started listening to this BBC Radio interview with le Guin, where she talked about the history of her writing, the influences on her, etc, as well as listen to other writers talk about how le Guin influenced […]

Playing Dungeons and Dragons Again After Reading Fantasy Nonstop for a Year

So recently I decided to try running a D&D campaign. I have been a nerd for some time, so obviously I’m into D&D as well. Even been reading some of the lore for some time now. I will say it again: RA Salvatore and Dragonlance both are guilty pleasures I am not guilty to admit […]

Sci-Fi Editorial – Why the Planetary Romance Died

About four or five months ago, I became interested in the planetary romance genre of sci-fi. Actually,this is a bit of a lie. It was actually Edgar Rice Burroughs’s John Carter series I was interested in, primarily due to my stupid desire to understand the history of the genres I aspire to write in. For […]

Fantasy Editorial – Why I Read A Game of Thrones Twenty Years After it Started

If you ask anyone who reads fantasy what they felt is the best ongoing fantasy series, chances are they’ll say A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin. Or whatever Brandon Sanderson is up to nowadays. Or…well, A Song of Ice and Fire will be a likely candidate, so it counts. Maybe it’s the […]